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Working Remotely from your Corporate Apartment

By Lindsay Childers

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Remember working from work?! It might have seemed crazy just months ago, but now a world where we actually need to describe what going to work was like to our kids is not so crazy as more companies are adopting the “work from anywhere” model due to COVID-19.

There is no doubt 2020 has been difficult for us all, and it continues to create new challenges in the workforce daily. Businesses must now build a workplace culture from home where employees are keeping their “zoom shirts” on the backs of their computer chairs, ready at an instant for their string of virtual meetings and happy hours.

With this drive to build a company culture that can work both in the workplace and remotely, hybrid workforces are becoming a new normal at many businesses around the world. Companies needing to bring in employees are finding new and innovative ways to keep their employees safe while completing work that needs remote teams to meet in person.

That’s where we come in. ExecuStay Midwest has helped companies throughout the Midwest develop a hybrid workforce that can operate efficiently from their corporate apartment. Our temporary homes have become the perfect remote workspace for hybrid workers, being close enough to the office but with all the advantages of working from home.

With greater virtual security than hotels, full-sized kitchens and living spaces, and in-unit laundry facilities corporate housing provides hybrid workers the perfect balance between working remote and going into the office.

Here are some of the top ways our hybrid work clients are bringing the office to them while staying in their corporate apartments.


Happy Hour

Remote Corporate Culture

Now that we can’t gather around the water cooler and discuss last night’s episode of America’s Got Talent, companies are tasked with creating a remote corporate culture between their employees, and there’s no end to the creativity employers are putting to work to keep teams engaged while working outside the workplace.


Virtual Happy Hours and Networking Events

Whereas before the COVID-19 pandemic teams would gather at the local watering hole or go out for fun team building activities, companies have had to seek other ways to connect with their employees while bars, restaurants, and other attractions are indefinitely closed. Without the chance to hold happy hours in person, these fun get-togethers have been reinvented in a digital form with virtual happy hours.

Often complete with food and drinks delivered via a food delivery service, virtual happy hours offer an excellent chance for teams to socialize without adding risk of spreading the disease. In addition to the traditional pieces of a virtual happy hour, many companies have added new flair to their digital social gatherings to make things fun for their teams.

Jeopardy and Family Feud style games are some of the most popular new trends at company happy hours. Some HH’s take it a step further with “Wheel o’ Gifts” featuring e-gift cards and other digital goodies making appearances during the holidays this year.

Corporate housing is perfect for virtual happy hour attendees and hosts. The full-size refrigerator allows guests to receive food and beverage deliveries ahead of time without taking up valuable space in a hotel mini fridge. Private Wifi also ensures you’ll have a quality connection throughout the event, without sharing the bandwidth with everyone at the local coffee shop.

With all the room in your corporate apartment, you could even invite a couple friends over for some socially distanced fun!



Designated Office Space

Anyone who’s worked from home knows how important it is to have a designated workspace or office. Making sure you have this in your home helps keep your personal and professional environments both physically and mentally separate. Using these boundaries gives you a space to get locked-in in the morning, and a place to leave work behind at the end of the day.

If you’re traveling for work, staying in a corporate apartment offers the versatility of a separate workspace to make the most of your remote work. With computer desks and chairs available, as well as a dedicated personal WiFi, guests have all the tools needed to work productively while in their corporate apartment.

These amenities not only allow residents to sit down and focus without distraction, it also gives employers the peace of mind knowing employees aren’t working on a shared network that compromises security like they would in a hotel. The personal WiFi provided in a corporate apartment helps keep clients’ and their employers’ confidential data secure.

Personal, secure WiFi is included in the daily rate for the corporate apartment and puts the guest in control when it comes to their work. If any problems with the WiFi service are encountered, a representative of the corporate housing company is available 24/7 to assist.



Moving Due to Remote Work

With the massive increase in the remote workforce in 2020 creating more remote job opportunities than ever before, many are choosing to move away from their worksite for a number of reasons.

  • Lower Cost of Living
  • Greater Attractions
  • Closer to Family
  • Quieter Neighborhoods

The list goes on for why remote workers are moving and shaking this year. I mean who wouldn’t rather work from a beach or in the mountains instead of the makeshift office you set up on your dining room table?

Corporate housing offers travelers the chance to try out living in a new location before committing to a mortgage or long-term rental. It also gives residents who know they’ve found the right location a place to stay while they locate the perfect home to settle down in.

For others, the reason for moving is less glamorous. Some people may be displaced from their home, even while working remotely. Corporate housing is a perfect solution for families who need a temporary home whether it's for renovation, relocation, evacuation, or any other “-ation” you can think of.


Pros & Cons

The Downsides of Working Remotely from your Corporate Apartment

While I wish I could say working remotely from your corporate apartment is all sunshine and rainbows, the reality is there are negatives to every work environment, including corporate apartments.

In many cases, workspaces in corporate apartments are smaller than you would typically find in a permanent work setting. If you’ve never worked remotely before, it can be a difficult transition, especially if your work area is smaller than you’re used to. What otherwise seemed like a stack of papers on the edge of your desk can now be an obstacle blocking you from finding the Email icon on your taskbar.

The reduced size can also be difficult for those who have worked from home before. In some cases, remote workers may have a dedicated office with a large desk when at home. Most corporate apartments are not as large as your home and may not offer a dedicated office space.

Another downside could be your close neighbors. If you’re used to working in a quiet space away from distractions, an upstairs neighbor that sounds like they have a pet elephant walking around can become a nuisance quickly while you’re trying to get your work done.

Additionally, if you have never attempted remote work before, the transition can be difficult and take several weeks until you feel comfortable with your new work situation.

The good news is, most corporate housing providers will address these issues quickly to give you the best remote work experience possible. If you need a dedicated office to get your work done, a second or third bedroom can be transformed in a jiffy to give you the space you need to do your job.

Noisy neighbors can be irritating, but your corporate housing provider will be glad to address the problem with your property manager, removing the awkward feeling of filing a complaint yourself. In most cases, a significant noise reduction is expected.

While there is no easy solution to getting comfortable with remote work for the first time, there are some steps you can take to make the transition easier.

  • Know that you WILL adjust to your new work environment, it just takes time.
  • Moving slow, losing productivity, or feeling tired during the day? Take a walk around the apartment community or stop by your fitness center for a quick pick-me-up exercise.
  • Feeling isolated now that you’re away from your work friends? Properties often host social gatherings with fun twists that you are welcome to attend! Most corporate apartments also allow pets, who can help keep you company throughout the day.

Corporate housing for remote work isn’t for everyone, but it can be a great resource for numerous travelers! If you feel like you might be one of them, see how you can get started finding your corporate apartment below.


Ready to Get to Work?

At the end of the day, remote working is here to stay. But that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck in one place all the time. Corporate housing offers the convenience and comforts of home, while giving you the flexibility to travel or relocate whenever you like!

Remote work isn’t for everyone and working from a corporate apartment can offer some unique challenges like noisy neighbors and smaller office spaces, but there are numerous benefits that offset the downsides for many travelers.

  • The recent shift to remote work by many companies has led to new and innovative ways to have fun at remote workspaces.
  • Corporate apartments are big enough to offer dedicated workspaces.
  • Remote work allows employees to choose where they live, and corporate housing makes moving much easier.

If your travels take you to the heart of the US, ExecuStay Midwest is the perfect temporary home for you to work and play during your stay in any of our 15 cities throughout the Midwest. Offering resort-style amenities, large corporate apartments, and local expertise to get the most out of your new home, we’re your partner to making the most of remote working in your corporate apartment.

Let’s get to work.


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