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MRC Conference Recap, My Thoughts, and Takeaways!

By Amy Yount

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Amy Yount, Business Development Manager, ExecuStay Midwest, recently attended the MRC conference in Milwaukee. Check out her recap and main takeaways.

It felt AMAZING to be back "in-person" and meet my industry colleagues at the Midwest Relocation Conference (MRC) in Milwaukee on April 7-8, 2022!

First and foremost, arriving at the airport was surreal, as this was my first time traveling in years. Very exciting! Extra bonus, I had the luxury of traveling on the same flight with many of my incredible St. Louis Employee Relocation Council friends.  

STL ERC Board: From left to right – Faye Toepfer, Leo Capotorto, Jennifer Breen, Bridget Ritchie, Christina Swank, Michelle Bennett, Amy Yount, Bradley ShepardSt. Louis ERC Board: From left to right –
Faye Toepfer, Leo Capotorto, Jennifer Breen, Bridget Ritchie, Christina Swank, Michelle Bennett,
Amy Yount, Bradley Shepard

Walking into the conference shed new light as the pandemic profoundly disrupted the mobility industry and the way we operate. We have all come together in various ways throughout the pandemic, making us stronger and more united. Seeing people in person, and spreading hugs and love, has been much needed for many of us. We are an industry where relationships matter and remain at the forefront of every employee experience.

MRC was a new learning experience, as we all had the opportunity to hear direct from industry experts on the following topics:

  • Ever-changing economic dynamics affected by macro trends in mobility
  • How the evolution of renter programs is impacting mobility
  • What lies ahead in real estate, appraisal, moving, and corporate/temporary housing
  • Providing flexible programs regarding remote work, business travel, DEI, vaccines, and mental wellness
  • Building your social presence in the community and bringing awareness of your business
  • Understanding new tax and immigration practices, a strategic pillar of global mobility
  • Business process automation and organizational roadmap for future success

The social event on Thursday night featuring Bella Cain at Downtown Kitchen was a huge success. I had a blast greeting everyone and working the registration table. It was a fabulous evening of networking, dancing, and my first experience eating a walking taco. Wow, I have been missing out!

MRC3-webThursday Night Party: From left to right: Amy Yount, Matt Tobel, Elizabeth Martin, Veronica Davis

Finally, the closing session of this remarkable conference was from the executive view and how to manage talent in 2022. Industry leaders provided insight into recent challenges to attracting and relocating top talent. The pandemic has accelerated the need for companies to re-think their hiring practices while competing for top talent.

MRCPanel-webThe Executive View: from left to right - Panelist Pam Jacknick, Carolyn Volovsek, and Vickie Schmidt 

Looking back, I'm absolutely blessed to have been amongst the most accomplished mobility industry colleagues, including our Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Gabriel Wacker and very thankful ExecuStay Midwest granted me the opportunity to attend.   

Gabriel-AmyAmy Yount - Business Development Manager, and Gabriel Wacker - Vice President Sales & Marketing, ExecuStay Midwest


MRCBoardA HUGE thank you to MRC Conference Co-Chairs:

Rebecca Glatzhofer – TRC Global Mobility
Jennifer Breen – Suite Home Chicago
Matt Tobel – Huntington National Bank
Elizabeth Martin –  Century 21 Affiliated

The MRC is a "Super-Regional"​ Conference open to ALL global mobility professionals. Jointly run by STLERC (St. Louis), CRC (Chicago) & WiERC (Milwaukee) - the location rotates each year. 


Hope to see you in Chicago next Spring, 2023!


Business Development Manager
ExecuStay Midwest

ExecuStay Midwest





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